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February 9  at  10AM


Deconstructing Pain

This 90 min. Workshop will change your Life !


Foam rolling is one of the best advancements in exercise and rehab.  Learn how to restore your body to maintain a flexible, active and pain-free lifestyle.   Even Tom Brady is a Foam Roller; as part of Achieving a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, his latest book.

Muscles sore after your workout? Tight & tender spots that just won’t go away? Reduced range of motion post- injury or surgery?  Out of Alignment due to years of compensation patterns?  This is how pain is built…it accumulates into painful, body alignment patterns over time. 


This workshop will teach you how to safely and effectively target all the major muscle/fascia groups in the body from head to toe and DECONSTRUCT your Pain.

To Attend the   Level 2/3   Workshop:  What you need to Know

Location: Dalton CRA Bowling alley

cost:    $20

 Must bring your own Soft Foam Roll or reserve one to purchase from me.

e-mail  PRE-REGISTRATION required.  Limit 20


Questions?  Contact Christine Kielpinski, Fitness Professional

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