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K a y a k I n g

The Berkshires has many lakes and rivers you will enjoy, especially in the fall foliage season.  You will paddle across the open water. You can even paddle thru the tunnel and see the Bald Eagles!   


You will taste the exhilaration of using your own power to get across the water and delight in exploring a shoreline from a new perspective. You will be able to simply enjoy the motion pleasure of paddling, the relaxation of floating on water, and the free glide while getting out for fresh air, exercise, and communicating with nature.


The best way is with me to guide you, along with your friends and family; so you can enjoy the scenery with peace of mind.  We can arrange Kayak Rentals and take care of the details.

Kayaks make the world seem larger in an age when virtually every other mode of conveyance works to make it seem smaller.  The large kayak world is especially grounding-you will put your "real" world into "real" perspective.  Kayaking is quite possibly the ultimate blend of sensation and goal achievement.  


Feel free to also bring along a small pack with some high-energy foods such as fruit and energy bars, plus water or a sports drink.  You have the opportunity to paddle across to the beach for a picnic on the sand or rocks.  Remember the sunscreen!  

Adventure Rate = Depends on location, Number in group, and Duration


     We were two families having a family reunion in the Berkshires.  We wanted to have a group adventure kayak down the river.  We hired Christine to guide the ten of us.  She arranged everything boats, gear, location, and duration.  She taught us good technique and showed us the beautiful, flowing river.  What a bonding experience.  The River cruise was the highlight of our Reunion!  -the Vogels, Connecticut

      I had recently bought a kayak and was struggling more than gliding.  I felt like I was thrashing around.  I was even having a hard time getting it on/off my car.  Christine taught me how to handle my kayak every step of the way..  Now, I can go when I want, even by myself.  The experience transforms my day every time.  I am so happy I decided to buy my kayak, then hired Christine to show me the ropes.  -Rebecca

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