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Cross Country Skiing

I completed a week of Clinics (and Everything Else) Nordic Camp.  You can always learn more.  Wow, was I schooled !  Certainly, gear continues to improve.  More noteworthy, Technique has changed dramatically...I dare say, a 180 degree turn.  I am dropping my old school technique and adapting the new school technique.  You can do the same.  All you need to do, is setup a Lesson for yourself, or your Group, with me.  I look forward to hearing from you while the snow is here !



Cross country skiing is one of the best total body activities; involving strength, endurance, and agility.  Not only is it good exercise and exhilarating, cross country skiing is also the perfect way for you to enjoy-not just endure-winter.


You will enjoy the solitude of the woods, the breathtaking views from the hilltops, the relaxation of the glide and stride, and the exhilaration of the curves and downhills.  Rediscover yourself and the joy of winter as I guide you on the Berkshire trails.  


I will improve your technique and guide you, along with your friends and family; so you can enjoy the scenery with peace of mind.  We can arrange Ski Rentals and take care of the details.  We will meet at a local trailhead I recommend, based on current conditions and challenge level you desire.


I am a nationally ranked ('93 & '94) NCAA cross country skier.  I will coach you in both the Striding (Traditional/Diagonal) and Skating techniques, at all levels; Beginner to Racer.  You will also learn proper wax techniques and see how waxing can improve your skiing.


Dress in wicking layers that you can don or shed.  Feel free to also bring along a lightweight pack or waist pack with some high-energy foods such as fruit and energy bars, plus water or a sports drink.  Remember the sunscreen, even in Winter!  

Adventure Rate = Depends on location, Number in group, and Duration

Cross Country Skiing

Just finished a private x-ski lesson with Christine. She tailored our time to the areas I wanted to improve on. She explained, demo'd, and then coached my efforts as well as gave me some take-aways to help me improve on my own going forward. I've trained with Christine before in group settings and my experiences with her are always physically and mentally rewarding! -Marcia

Christine is a great instructor, offering clear and helpful instructions that make cross country skiing a less challenging experience! She is all about the client and a pleasure to be with. I’m looking forward to taking more lessons with her to improve my skiing. Mandy P.

I had the pleasure of being referred to Christine for a cross country ski lesson and had a wonderful time.  Having basically no experience with cross country skiing, I was somewhat apprehensive about how things would go, but Christine put me an ease instantly.  She inquired about what other activities I did and then used yoga terminology to help me visualize the correct positions for skiing.  I left the lesson feeling confident that I had the basics down, and in fact, had such a good experience, I ended up purchasing skis and boots for next season.  Thank you Christine for a great time!  -Erin M.   

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