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So Cool its the Hot new winter activity.  But, this popular activity has been around since the Ice Age.  So, come on out to experience traveling over snow as your ancestors did.  


I will guide you off the marked/groomed trails to take routes not often taken...where you will be able to see winter animal activity.  I will guide you, along with your friends and family; so you can enjoy the scenery and animal tracks with peace of mind.  We can arrange Snow Shoe Rentals and take care of the details.


You'll need sturdy (and preferably waterproof) hiking or special snowshoeing boots.  Optional ski poles add stability, balance, and additional aerobic benefit. You'll get very warm, very fast if your pace is quicker than a gentle stroll, so dress in wicking layers that you can don or shed.  


Feel free to also bring along a lightweight pack or waist pack with some high-energy foods such as fruit and energy bars, plus water or a sports drink.  Remember the sunscreen, even in Winter!   

Snowshoeing is a low-impact activity that allows you to burn between 420 and 1,000 calories per hour, depending on whether you are walking or running, on packed snow or powder. It's great cardiovascular conditioning and excellent winter cross-training for runners and cyclists.  Your adventure includes a preparatory warm-up and cool-down stretch.  You will finish feeling pleasantly tired, yet refreshingly invigorated.


Adventure Rate = Depends on location, Number in group, and Duration


I hired Christine to guide my wife and I on a romantic full moon snowshoe excursion.  We thought we knew snowshoeing.  But, Christine gave us tips that made it so much easier.  Then, she took us off trail to some special places, while explaining what we were seeing in the deep, glowing woods.  We had the whole world to ourselves, walking on cloud 9, and loved every minute of it !  -Lee and May W.

I started working out with Christine when my son was in eighth grade.... When my son earned his masters degree, we decided to have a special Snowshoe outing.  I knew just who to ask. Christine guided us with our son and daughter and their new mates on a wonderful journey into the woods. What an experience:  we still talk about it when we’re all together. – Pam

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