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H I k I n g

The key to Hiking is to choose the appropriate terrain, length, and degree of difficulty; my specialty.  I will plan it out and guide You, along with your Friends and Family.   We can handle large groups.  

I offer Hikes for all levels (Kennedy Park to Mt. Greylock and Greater New England). With each hike, I will share its history, local lore, and favorite "special spots".  You will retreat into the Berkshire woods to observe unique landmarks, listen to soothing water, and see new horizons. In addition, we'll work to improve agility and endurance.  You can also take the opportunity to look inward..fortify yourself in mind, body and spirit.


All Hikes include a preparatory warm-up and cool-down stretch.  You will feel energized, healthy, and self-satisfied.

Dress in layers and bring along a lightweight pack or waist pack with some high-energy foods such as fruit and energy bars, plus water or a sports drink. Remember the sunscreen!   A hat and hiking BOOTS are also highly recommended.

Adventure Rate = Depends on location, Number in group, and Duration


Winter Hiking is a uniquely Beautiful experience.  Don't choose cozy over cold.  Contact me to guide you here !


I have worked out regularly with Christine for over 10 years. For my 58th birthday, I decided I wanted to hike 5800 feet of elevation change in my own backyard of Massachusetts.  Christine added hiking specific exercises to my workouts, designed a progressive hiking program, and laid out a course to accomplish my goal. On my 58th birthday, I hiked 5800 feet of elevation change at the Mount Greylock Reservation!  What a journey and sense of accomplishment.  -Shaun

I hired Christine to take our family on a child friendly hike in the Berkshires. She picked the perfect hike for our family.  She gave us history of the Berkshires that entertained our children and kept them excited for the hike. Christine's enthusiasm for the outdoors is catching.  We'll hire her again for our next family vacation in the Berkshires. -the Zimmers, NewYork 

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