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Client Testimonials


I was just an average 55+ woman with zero structured exercise experience when I went to a group session with Christine.  At least twice a week, and almost 3 years later, I’m still at it and loving it (and in the best shape of my life).  Whether in a group or one on one, Christine’s an energetic, inspirational, and informative coach with well thought out, effective and interesting routines.  But the best part to me? Christine makes exercise FUN!!!  -Paula D.

Christine has been my trainer for 3 years and she always finds the right workout to fit my needs, whether we work outside or in her studio . Her versatility always has new challenges to increase my strength and flexibility. Whether we do Deep Water Conditioning, a Medicine Ball session outside, Weight Training , TRX, or an hour of Push- ups in a variety of positions, she always finds the best workout .    -Steve T.


It’s certainly Not a stretch for us to say, we love Christine in every way.

We persevere the best we can, with Christine, our Trainer, lending a  hand.

She’s so patient-we appreciate her so.  She makes us feel better-with more get up and Go.

She makes us feel stronger in every way.  To take on challenges of each new day.

Lucky for us we have Christine, our Trainer.  Hiring her was certainly a no-brainer.

We spend a lot of time balancing our lives as mothers, grandmothers, and busy housewives.

We move around Quickly-since we can multi-task.  Trying to respond to all that is asked.

Thank you Christine for helping our “Balancing Act”.  Our Success is strongly due to you, and that’s a fact.

Your Strength and Perseverance, we truly admire.  You’re an example to all of us-you truly inspire.

Thank you Christine from our head to our toes.  For helping us fight gravity and other aging woes

Six years ago at the age of 52, I set a goal of riding the Pan-Mass Challenge, a 200 mile bike ride to support the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  For me, this was a big reach as I had not been on a bicycle since I was a kid.  I was overwhelmed and anxious about how, in 8 months, I could get myself in shape emotionally and physically for this ride.  I met Christine at a Spinning class and was immediately impressed with her approach to fitness.  I asked if I could work with her to help me with a training plan.  Thankfully, she agreed and in just a few sessions, she helped me choose a bicycle appropriate for me, navigate what type of gear was necessary for training, master basic tasks and of course, advise me on a sensible training schedule.  The same enthusiastic encouragement, extensive knowledge, and passion for fitness that I saw at the spinning class was there to help guide me on a path for success.  I am proud to say that this past summer I rode my 4th PMC!  I thank Christine for introducing me to the world of cycling.  It's a gift that keeps on giving!  -Rich S.

I had been looking for a workout that would enhance my strength and tone me up. My knee and shoulder were aching me a bit and my doctor encouraged me to participate in this type of workout to increase the strength in my knee and shoulder gently, and also work on a bit more flexibility.  That's when I found Christine..

I’ve been working with her 2/wk. for about four years, and I can definitely say there is a profound change in the enjoyment of my life. As I worked out with Christine, I noticed I was getting in better shape, feeling better, and having fun at the same time. Since I was feeling stronger and more physically fit, my husband and I signed up for a hiking vacation In Glacier National Park. I contacted Christine for some extra instruction to make sure I would be up for the challenge as I had never participated in this sort of hiking adventure. Christine showed me exercises to do at home or on the road, proper use of hiking poles, ways to minimize knee stress going down hills, (which came in very handy hiking the trails in Glacier NP), she showed me ways to stretch in preparation for the hike and for the all-important stretching after the hike.  She also encouraged hiking in my area more to get into the hiking groove.

 The day finally came to start hiking in Glacier NP. I felt that Christine was with me in spirit as I hiked. I could hear her voice in my head reminding me of certain things. I felt strong and confident as the week went on. I was in sync with my hiking poles and I felt like lean mean hiking machine, so much so, that we planned another hiking adventure the next year.

Christine’s instruction, experience, and enthusiasm for my well being and enjoyment of my adventure was reassuring because I know she had confidence in me.

Diana N.

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